Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Acorn BBC Micro dont voici les nouveautés:

* Enhanced user defined key mapping support. Shifted and unshifted key presses can now be defined separately so custom logical mappings can be defined.
* Added load and save options for user defined key mappings.
* Corrected emulation of PLY processor instruction.
* Fixed bug in sound emulation that was causing sound artifacts.
* Set root directory to $ for new ADFS images.
* Fixed keyboard interrupt handling (can now enter name in Super Pool high score table).
* Added some preference options to autosave CMOS and all of the prefs on exit. Also, by popular demand, added a prefs option to remember the last folder used for loading disc/tape/state files.
* Fixed disc write protect menu update when ejecting a disc.
* Increased default Econet flag fill timeout to 250000. Improves Econet comms a bit (still not 100% though).

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