Nouvelle version du meilleur émulateur Nintendo DS qui fait aussi GBA dont voici les nouveautés :

* cheat: fixed conditional counter for cbds parameter lines (thanks Hiei Youkai)
* cheat: raised strnlen to 5kbytes for about 256 codes/line (thanks Hiei Youkai)
* nds/gba/help: added info on unknown add-ons (gba ir/wifi and nds memory exp)
* nds/help: added info on ds rumble option paks (thanks bottledlight ds wiki)
* gba/help: added some very basic info about the gameboy player (thanks flubba)
* gui: allows to resize debugmsg/cheat/fileslst windows (with anchored buttons)
* gba/help: added yoshi x/y-axis info (thanks flubba) (still incomplete though)
* gba/help: added warioware z-axis gyro info (thanks momo vampire for the cart)
* gba/help: added rumble and fram info (thanks momo vampire for warioware cart)
* gba/help: added notes on special meaning of 1st (and 4th) letter of gamecode
* nds/3d: emulates alpha blending master enable/test mode bit (disp3dcnt.bit3)
* gba/memfill: fixed memfill code (data step/repeat count) (thanks Hiei Youkai)
* nds/cheat: removed various ARDS checks (accepting addr with unknown offsets)
* gba/nds: corrected hblank durations (thanks sebastien), no-vblank in lastline
* gba/nds/help: notes on hblank=0 duration (1006/1606/1613 on gba/nds9/nds7)
* gba/nds/help: notes on no-vblank-flag in last line, and hblank in ALL lines
* nds/cheat: removed alignment check for [[X]+Z] (works with uninitialized [X])
* nds/cheat: changed ARDS enable-code detection (9 lines with specific 4th/9th)
* multi-cpu-timing: machine_switch_request processed AFTER all event_handlers
* nds/3d: emulates texture master enable bit in disp3dcnt (thanks peter schraut)
* nds/3d: emulates material-alpha (rather than only color-alpha) (thanks peter)
* nds: emulates hinge/unfold irq (additionally to hinge status) (thanks antonio)

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