Nouvelle version pour ce manager de roms:

* misc: Linux WINE: changed systime convertion to work flawlessly (www profiler)
* misc: Linux WINE: launch button bar isn’t hidden anymore (but minimized). This increases compatibility and even fixes some MS Windows issues.
* misc: Linux WINE: changed warnings window. It will now automatically appear if something appears in it. You can still minimize it then.
* misc: several windows correctly appear at the front now.
* misc: treectrl and listctrl bitmaps are now 24bit and different
* misc: F2 (edit label) functionality to several list and tree controls
* misc: listing corrupt containes (corrupt chds, zips…) in the stats
* misc: disabled « Possible missing alternative samples folder » in the database checker MAME doesn’t load samples from a parentset when no sampleof tag is given. In consequence you may need some more samplesets for MAME now.

A plus tard pour la version fixée ^^

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