Nouvelle version pour ce manager de roms, en voici les nouveautés:

Bugs fixed:
– Fix captions in file menu.
– Fix problems when updating DB version
– String truncation when loading path with long device name
– Empty CHD folder not handled correctly
– Refresh path always remove and add chd folders
– CHD outside of a folder are not displayed correctly
– « file not found » when importing missing chd in a folder
– Crash when creating chd dummies
– Empty folder sometime not added when adding a path
– CHD folders not updated after fixing the whole path
– Wrong CHD folder status displayed after mode changing (split)
– Empty folder not correctly loaded the first time
– Merged roms with identical name but different crc are deleted in split mode
– Can’t create empty folder to move CHD
– Random illegal access error in riched20.dll

Features added:
– Split listview ‘rom’ column in ‘main’ and ‘merge’ columns
– Device and database icons in treeview
– New buttons in datafile wizard
– Add more progress info in log for long operations in DB
– Icons in treeview
– Device insert/remove detection
– Change some tools location
– Added bios icons in treeview

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