Un émulateur de Microbee Z80 Premium/Standard 64/128/256/512Kb FDD.

New for this release:
* Old colour circuit emulation added and is now the default for colour
models except for Premium and 256TC models. Some values still require
further investigation to be emulated fully.
* Added emulator functions that allow Z80 programs to have access to
some emulator control and host file system functions.
* CP/M program tools added:
– CP/M to host (cpm2host) and a host to CP/M (host2cpm) file copying
program. These can be used for transferring files between the host and
CP/M disk images.
– A host directory listing program (hostdir).
– Emulation control (exitemu and reset) programs, allowing the emulator
to exit or reset from within the emulator under a CP/M system command.
* Revised Premium/256TC model colours to be more inline with the standard
CGA colours and hopefully a closer match to the Premium colours.
* Disk images can be made write protected by adding a trailing underscore
character to the image name.
* Added a –hwflash option for Premium (alpha+) models. Only the 256TC and
upgraded Premimum disk models have hardware flashing enabled by default.
* Added documentation on how to create disk images from Microbee disks.
* No loading of the fallback boot disk if emulating a machine of less than
128K memory.
* Changes so that parallel printer still operates even if no –print
options are specified.
* Added ‘ubee512_ver.id’ file to home account to allow later versions to
upgrade all the required account files for Unix systems.

* The DS80 ‘DSK’ format did not work. This format has now been fixed and
* Mouse button click causing mbox to be brought into context and a button
pressed/released caused undesired screen size change actions fixed.
* Changed all 128, 64, and 56K disk models to default to –piob7=PUP as
tbasicc.com failed to work with –piob7=vsync.

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