Un émulateur Multi-Consoles. Il émule le SG-1000, Famicom / NES, Mark III / Master System, PC Engine & PC Engine CD-ROM2 / Turbo Grafx 16 & Turbo Grafx CD, Super Grafx, Mega Drive & Mega CD / Genesis & Sega CD, Super Famicom / SNES, Neo Geo, Neo Geo CD, Game Boy & Game Boy Color, Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket & Neo Geo Pocket Color, Wonder Swan & Wonder Swan Color…

Les nouveautés:

* [Xe] Modified Cartridge / Floppy Disk / Memory Card behavior
* [Xe] Modified D-Button behavior
* [Xe] Modified dialog behavior when in fullscreen mode
* [Xe] Implemented Mouse support
* [Xe] Implemented options to load entire CD Image into memory
* [Xe] Implemented command line options to explicitly load images
* [Xe] Misc clean ups and fixes
* [Xe] Fixed fullscreen resizing (Thanks to F1ReB4LL)
* [Xe/Linux] Fixed fullscreen offsets on secondary heads
* [Xe/Linux] Fixed improper joystick button clearing
* [Xe/Linux] Xe For x86-64
* [SG-1000] Implemented Card Catcher support
* [Mark III] Fixed save state loading
* [Mark III] Implemented Card Slot support
* [PC Engine] Fixed Arcade Card RAM access
* [PC Engine] Fixed 6-button Pad access
* [PC Engine] Implemented Mouse support
* [Mega Drive] Fixed Cartridge insertion algorithm
* [Mega Drive] Fixed 6-button Pad access
* [Mega Drive] Fixed Multi-Tap Access
* [Mega Drive] Implemented Mouse support
* [Super Famicom] Implemented Mouse support

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