Nouvelle version pour ce superbe build de FBA avec pleins d’améliorations tel le support du CPS-3 par exemple. Les nouveautés par rapport à la R12:

– Added cheat support for CPS-III. [ThanX to IQ_132].
– Released Source again with lot of organization of files, please take a time to check the package and the Documentation included.

Note 1:
If you gonna compile the newest source you must ‘delete’ the old ‘src/burn/capcom’ dir from the official source before implementing the FB Alpha Enhanced source. Overwriting the dir is not recommended since it could cause errors and it would leave unused files in the directory.

Note 2:
Some of the code of Enhanced features still need to be commented, this will be done for version R14.

This is just a reminder to those of you using my source. According to FBA’s license, you MUST release the source of your build if you release a binary.

Encore du nettoyage à faire niveau drivers CPS-1 (plus quelques incohérence entre jeux jouable et non jouable, mais ca devrait se régler probablement bientôt).

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