Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de MSX payant sous Windows/Dos dont voici les changements:

– After a long pause, finally updated fMSX-Unix port. fMSX-Unix source code is once again available as part of the core source code distribution. It has been debugged on the Ubuntu Linux. Let me know of any incompatibilities with other Unix flavors.
– Extended fMSX-Symbian port to support UIQ3 phones from Sony Ericsson and Motorola. As I only have key-operated Motorola Z8, testers with pen-based SE phones are badly needed.
– Added run-time compatibility with 8bpp, 16bpp, 24bpp (32bit pixels) and 32bpp screen depths to fMSX-Unix. IMPORTANT: At this moment, built-in config menu, debugger, and NetPlay dialog will only work at X11 screen depth that matches your compile-time setting (i.e. -DBPPxx) in Makefile. Make sure you always compile fMSX-Unix for your default screen depth.
– Disabled secondary slots for primary slot #0 in MSX1 mode. DiskROM boots in MSX1 mode again.
– Now syncing all sound channels after loading state, sound does not get « stuck » any more.
– Renamed command line option -zoom/-nozoom into -soft/-nosoft.
– Moved a few key definitions, so that « !@#$%^… » characters can now be used as indices into Keys[]. This is done for compatibility with GDK key events.
– Renamed KeyMap[] to KeyState[] to avoid name clash with MacOSX system API.
– ALT swaps joysticks 1/2 on all platforms where applicable.
– CONTROL/SHIFT keys now act as FIRE-A/FIRE-B joystick buttons on all platforms.
– Improved fMSX-Symbian sound code, although sound problems still persist on some UIQ3 phones.
– Split fMSX-Symbian/S60 configuration menu into four tabs, making « Video » and « Audio » settings separate.
– Added « Audio Latency », « Skip Frames », and « Sync Updates » settings to fMSX-Symbian.
– Added to fMSX-Symbian ability to use Nokia E61/E62 [FUNC] key in the built-in menu.
– Fixed an fMSX-Symbian bug where pieces of virtual keyboard remained on screen after closing it.
– Pressing [8] key on fMSX-Symbian now invokes virtual keyboard, if enabled, for the phones which do not have the [EDIT] key.

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