Nouvelle version beta de cet excellent émulateur dont voici les nouveautés :

NOTE: filters are currently not supported, they may or may not work
NOTE: vsync not supported. expect flashing or other issues..

– « favorite path » editing added. Path added is always last opened path from any file select dialog. (later..)
– « favorite path » right button context menus added to most path selection buttons
– picasso96.c clean up, removed old p96mode and other unused code
– new p96mode works without JIT
– CHK.L is 68020+, not 68000+ (only CHK.W is 68000+)
– uaescsi.device missing CMD_GETGEOMETRY added (not sure if « geometry » data is correct but at least device type and removable flag is set)
– RGB overlay option is gone, not very useful anymore and newer display drivers seem to emulate this in software..
– big directdraw support rewrite
– fullscreen to different fullscreen mode switching should be quick now (no more switching back to desktop and then back to fullscreen)
– 16 bit modes should work correctly again
– Windows-side 8 bit modes (temporarily) disabled. 8-bit RTG modes still work and are automatically converted to 16/32-bit
– « Match RTG color depth » option added to misc-panel. If checked fullscreen RTG mode uses Amiga-side color depth (as previously) Not checked = always use Display panel depth setting. (if you have programs that switch modes but you don’t want Windows-side display mode changes) Windowed mode always uses desktop color depth
– GUI debugger updates (KB)

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