La future Béta 8 de WInUAE est disponible mais non annoncée officiellement donc il se peut qu’il y ait encore quelques modifications prochainement.

– uaegfx.card fallback graphics routines fixed (rarely used drawing modes that native C-code « blitter » does not support)
– print uaegfx.card version to log file
– simple RTG scaling support, do not change resolution but scale to fullscreen if display size configured in display panel is larger than requested Picasso96 resolution. Quality is bad, real filter support later. Perhaps.. Mainly useful with games/demos that use very low resolutions. (configuration option not yet added)
– « super skid marks fix » updated, previous « fix » broke all attached AGA-mode sprites
– GUI does not get overdrawn in fullscreen when adjusting filters
– timer calibration removed, uses now performance counters only, also checks periodically if counter frequency changes and adjusts to new rate automatically (power saving features)
– fullscreen non-filter mode graphics problems fixed
– vsync working but it isn’t 100% smooth yet (at least on my PC)

Disponible sur le lien ci-dessous.

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