Nouvelle version béta pour ce managers de roms dont voici les améliorations:

Bugs fixed:
– Bios roms not used in any games (awbios…) are removed in bios merge/unmerge mode
– Bios roms sometimes deleted
– Miss/have message text wrong in txt file
– Abort if disk is full
– « String truncation » error
– « Unknown error 12 »
– Two dll added (needed on some systems)
– « conversion error » during samples fix
– « File exists in disk, but not in db » error during samples fix
– Error when moving some roms outside sample path
– Can’t select ‘backup folder’ in parameters form when ‘recycle bin’ is checked.
– « Invalid variant operator » during fix
– « remove roms to recycle » option not saved
– « file not found » when fixing some CHD
– « existing file » when moving some samples files
– « file not found » when moving some samples roms
– Problems in file identification
– Db migration fails to import roms and files in some cases
– « Index out of bound » when loading chd folder with empty zip
– Empty listview sometimes after fast scrolling
– Folder date not always reported to db
– Filters button status not correct after db loading
– Many small fix to address specific roms problems

Features added:
– Sample processing rewritten
– Icons in option form
– Report roms/bios/sample modes in log
– Standalone installation (just unzip)
– Added possility to set « datapath = . » in startup.ini
– Datutil 2.34
– Right arrow = dble click in left view
– Dble click on right view= play game
– Add the last part of folder name before filenames in log
– Improve duplicate detection in sample path
– Create settings path structure when not found
– Switch sample mode from split to merge when removing sample path
– Clean db menu : export and import db. This clean and compact database
– Auto sweep database
– Remove path icon in left view when path is not available
– Move all « size » info to 64 bits to handle files and roms > 2GB (unfortunatly, zip dll doesn’t support >2GB files yet)
– Faster roms display
– Listview update temporization when browsing with keyboard (-> faster browsing)
– Display log messages in status bar when log window is hidden
– Error detection during db export
– « Backup folder » size and nbfiles removed (too long for big folders)

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