Un émulateur multi-consoles qui émule en vrac: Game Boy (N&B/Color), Game Boy Advance, Nes, Lynx, PC Engine (TurboGrafx 16), SuperGrafx, NeoGeo Pocket, PC-FX, WonderSwan (N&B/Color)…

– Added to the global include list in mednafen.h.
– Added boolean setting « debugger.autostepmode » that, when set to 1, will cause Mednafen to automatically start the debugger in step mode after a game is loaded(only if Mednafen has a debugger for the emulated system, of course).
– NES: Fixed CNROM emulation initialization bug.
– PCE: ADPCM software reset was erroneously also resetting the playback frequency. Fixed. (Fixes ADPCM voices in Gulliver Boy)
– PCE: Fixed disassembly of the JMP $(AAAA, X) instruction.
– PCE, PC-FX: Improved PSG LFO emulation.
– PC-FX: Emulated gamepad button presses weren´t being decoded from the driver-side data correctly(causing problems on big-endian platforms). Fixed.
– PC-FX: Improved the logging of the ROM font system call in the debugger, to also include the callee address and the size of the glyph being requested.
– PC-FX: Disassembly of the « nop » instruction will no longer show the virtually meaningless operand.
– PC-FX: Fixed alignment and prettified the disassembly of LDSR and STSR instructions.
– SMS: SMS pause and 2-player support were erroneously commented out. Fixed.

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