Un plugin gérant les joypad sous les émulateurs de PS2, créé par ChickenLiver.

– Guitar emulation support added. Need a hack for GH2. Thanks to cottonvibes, silent-circuit, Knaiffi, lazyk, and everyone else who helped test and gave me info on the guitars.
– Save / Load buttons added. May still need some work.
– Sensitivity and flip settings now work properly for pressure-sensitive button bindings.
– Fixed a bug with Windows Messaging and Raw modes and lock state buttons.
– Fixed LilyPad not reading the keyboard when in DirectInput mode and a game isn´t actively reading pad input.
– Minor change to how force feedback is used that might work better with some buggy DirectInput drivers.
– Second force feedback dropdown menu is now disabled when no force feedback devices are detected.
– Fixed another DS2 native mode instead of analog mode bug.
– Removed « analog as digital in digital mode » option to save display space. It´s now always on.
– Improved « disable pad » handling – such pads should now always say they have nothing pressed.
– Removed invisible cursor and some other random code cleanups.

Télécharger LilyPad v0.11.0 (2015123175709) (43,6 Ko)

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