Nouvelle version officielle de FBA qui recolle à Mame et qui apporte encore quelques changements:

– Added oopsware’s Picodrive Megadrive driver port and tidied up and improved
– Started to go through Megadrive games and enabling ones that work in release builds. Only got to letter B and checked my favourites!
– Added iq_132s Funky Bee driver
– Added iq_132s Pooyan driver
– Ported MAME’s I8039 core to FBA
– Added support for DAC sound
– Hooked up the I8039 and DAC in System 16A to add voice support to the driver
– Added gpilotsh and samshoh to the Neo-Geo driver
– Updated the SN7649 emulator to determine whether to add to the sound buffer or not
– Removed the AY8910 part of the YM2612 emulation since it’s not needed
– Fixed sound in 1943
– Fixed sound in Gunsmoke
– Changed the default DAT file handling to not include Megadrive games
– Added menu option to write DATs including Megadrive games

Télécharger Final Burn Alpha (x86 NT6) v0.2.97.42 (3,8 Mo)

Télécharger Final Burn Alpha (Win98/SE/ME) (2,2 Mo)

Télécharger Preview Pack (In Game) v0.2.97.42 (87,8 Mo)

Télécharger Preview Pack (Titles) v0.2.97.42 (53,7 Mo)

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