Conçu pour gérer les roms MAME, ClearMAMEPro supporte maintenant un nombre conséquent de set de roms via des fichiers Dats. Tout simplement le meilleur Manager (ca n’engage que nous).

– added: NoIntro’s 1G1R mode (related to the regions/languages modes from 3.114) This can be enabled in settings (for region/language dats only)
– added: set information shows set description or optionally set name now
– added: Rebuilder Beep() 😉
– added: more support for sample-only sets
– misc: set information tree is now sorted alphabetically after setdescription (not setname)
– misc: renamed « Show All Missing » sets to « Hide Fully-Missing Sets » and inverted the behaviour
– misc: sample parents which aren’t listed (e.g. MAME’s alphamc07) are added as sample-only sets
– misc: settings import button is only available for rom/sample paths
– misc: reading archives is done in an own thread
– misc: hash calculators run calculation md5/crc/sha1 in parallel in 3 threads
– misc: chd verifyer runs md5/sha1 calculation in parallel in 2 threads
– misc: rebuilding with addpaths doesn’t reopen progresswindows per addpath anymore (‘minimize & forget’)
– misc: unneeded check detects sample-only sets in rompath and viceversa
– fixed: very poor performance when background tasks exist running in IDLE mode
– fixed: xml datfiles which may be parsable with a different engine.cfg aren’t listed in the profiler
– fixed: datfile’s forcemerge mode didn’t affect merger
– fixed: addpath removes created empty rebuilder destination folder, so following addpaths fail
– fixed: xml dats with size= »- » are wrongly parsed

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