Une version de Gens (basé sur la version 2.12a) permettant d’enregistrer vos parties sous l’émulateur.

Les améliorations sont:

-Debug menu reenabled
-Debug menu items fixed not to cause crashes
-Sega CD GFX debug screen updated to support 32×32 stamps as well as 16×16
-Ram Search and Ram Watch menus no longer close on reset, or game reload
-EPX render mode fixed in 32bit display mode
-All other render modes updated to support 32bit display mode
-Sega CD emulation now supports BIN/CUE as an alternative to ISO+MP3
-Sega CD emulation now sync-robust
-Savestate upgrades for all Gens platforms.
-Slight disassembler output bugfix
-Bug where 32X palette was sometimes not updated in 32-bit mode fixed.
-Bug where 32X PWM volume was too low fixed
-Hotkey configurability: All hotkeys now assignable to any keyboard key or gamepad button.
-Bug where enabling « instruction logging » or « hook ram » would sometimes cause gens to crash has been fixed
-GMV playback now clears saved SRAM at start.

Télécharger Gens Rerecording v2.12 Movie 11c SVN 352 (883,4 Ko)

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