Nouvelle version pour MamePlus! qui recolle à Mame, les changements sont:

– updated Simplified Chinese list (0126u3_0803) [kof2112]
– updated to gba02AUG2008 [R. Belmont] (source: emu-france.Com)
– added region dip switch to cps3 [JoshuaChang]
– [MESS] sync with 0.126u3 svn r3010 [Emuman]
– [MAME] sync with 0.126u3 [Emuman]
– catlist v0.126u3 [s_bastian]
– fixed cps3/redeartn [JoshuaChang]
– updated Japanese history.dat & story.dat [399@2ch]

Télécharger Mame/MameUI Plus! (x86) v0.168 r5272 (31,6 Mo)

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