Très sympa, 2 Exes tout simples, rapide à lancer, avec un éditeur pour modifier rapidement l’apparence de l’écran. Légèreté et efficacité.

– Plug-ins. Added Configure support. A configuration gui can now be launched from within MaLa (when plug-in authors choose to support that option). New Plug-in SDK is available for download,
– Added check for OS so MaLahook.dll is only loaded with 98,98SE and ME.
– Added config for ‘exit conformation’ to be optional.
– MaLa: Added ‘suspend’ to shutdown options
– Development now done on a English IDE. This is great for a me as I don’t speak German. The added advantage is exception errors will be in English too. 🙂

– MaLa won’t crash if put into standby mode (in a Gamelist or screensaver)
– Gui now sets game collecting options config for ‘Mame only masters’ correctly.
– Add config option to not have config window centred

Télécharger MaLa 1.74 (7,8 Mo)

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