La dernière version de Glide64 (le meilleur plugin graphique pour carte à base de 3DFX), il utilise le wrapper Glitch64 d’Hacktarux et le module GlideHQ (permettant d’afficher des textures en hautes résolutions) de KoolSmoky. Il fait directement suite à Glide64 Wonder++.

I have prepared an updated for ‘Napalm’ version. My current goal is to make Glide64 sources portable. This is large and long task. Besides, Windows users will have no benefits from it. Thus, I decided to release this intermediate version. This is ‘Napalm’ + widescreen resolutions support + texture dumping. Due to lack of time no emulation related issues were fixed. Thus, if you don’t have wide monitor or don’t need texture dumping, you may use previous release.

Important note: you must set fullscreen resolution in the wrapper settings before the first run. This version uses different format for resolution variable, and old value stored in the registry will not work.

Télécharger Glide64 Napalm WX' Release 1.1 (1,5 Mo)

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