Un émulateur de PSP écrit en Java. Codé par mad et shadow (PCSX2) et rejoint par wrayal , fiveofhearts, hlide et dreampeppers99.

Changements depuis le build 776:

– Increased vpl list from 16 to 32 slots.
– Added string terminator to Utilities.writeStringZ (may fix save data problems).
– Added check for io seek set less than 0 ( Issue 41 ).
– Added check for trying to free an unallocated FPL.
– Added sasCore module (mostly unimplemented, but now we get better log messages).
– Increased mpeg buffer cap from 1mb to 2mb (actual value is still unknown).
– Fixed null pointer exception in save data init ( Issue 40 ).
– minor changes

– Stack setup changed (again). Apps crashing on k0 read/write may work now.
– Increased thread hog cycles (again).
– Refactored start and create thread.
– Renamed setEnabled to setThreadBanningEnabled (see r775).

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