Un émulateur de PSP écrit en Java. Codé par mad et shadow (PCSX2) et rejoint par wrayal, fiveofhearts, hlide et dreampeppers99. Il émule quelques jeux commerciaux (tel que Puzzle Bobble Pocket).

Les changements:

– Updating a few log messages.
– Fixed analog axis being swapped. Changed analog keys to IJKL (like WASD). Tidied up the settings GUI.
-I implemented savedata writing so that savedata can now be written & read! Successfully tested with PuzzleBobblePocket. Patch to Bust a Move to disable audio threads.
– Mute audio output option in Settings.
– Avoid useless idle delay when running under Compiler (e.g. Puzzle Bobble Pocket).
– Fixed failing save data init mode=load when a non-essential file was missing.
– Updating audio implementation, it can actually make some really bad static noises now.
– Fixed VPL parameters.
– Attempted fix save data init start (Issue 49). added mpeg finish (fake). other minor changes.
– Added patch for « International Athletics ULES01090 »: ignore audio threads required.

Télécharger JPcsp (x86) v0.7 rev e3506de7 (25,6 Mo)

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