XRoar est un émulateur Dragon32/64 mais aussi Tandy CoCo.

– Feed audio output back to single bit sound input.
– Update GP32 build to use EABI libs and devkitARM crt0.
– Don’t build DS stuff in thumb mode.
– Initialise RAM to pattern.
– Insert fake leader on tape change.
– Fix OpenGL texture « fringing ».
– Sun audio fixes.
– Honour user-specified RAM size again.
– Fix WD2791/3 side compare plus other fixes to help CoCo NitrOS9.
– Find a machine the user has ROMs for if they don’t specify.
– Add -load and -run options.
– Add simple joystick swap with Control+Shift+J.
– Disable fullscreen while showing a file requester.
– Replace README with a manual.
– Fake trailing leader byte for CAS files.

Télécharger XRoar (x86) v0.34.8 (1,0 Mo)

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