RomCenter est une très bonne alternative à ClrMAMEPro, plus accessible il est par la même occasion plus utilisé.

Bugs fixed:
– roms of size 0 not recognized (status unknown)
– listview sorted by filename instead of description
– temp folder selection linked to archive folder.
– fixed problems when importing dats with special chars (‘:<>|*?/)
– Remove extension hanlder (no more needed)
– Fix several bugs in sample handler
– Fix begin by Rezip (if enabled)
– Rezip also try to rezip corrupted archives
– Create a ‘romcenter’ folder if data folder is not defined at startup
– Rom size sometime 0 when using some plugins.
– Zipped CHD are moved to folder
– Fixed about/datafiles info and behaviour
– Pb when plugin return non-dos char in extension (ex: ‘??’)
– Set default button on creation wizard
– better sample support
– Corrupted flag is reset during test and rezip operation
– Database nodes not refreshed when a file is deleted
– Display name of file to be tested in log
– Import roms in a zip from a folder
– Access violation sometimes after a fix

– migration to delphi 2009
– firebird database 2.1
– size marked as ‘NA’ if not available in dat
– new folder dialogs
– datutil version 2.44
– msvcp80.dll included
– Save listview column sort infos
– delzip new zip component migration started
– Realtime region/releases display in database nodes
– Fix button enabled in database with an info message (to avoid questions on forum)
– Added test and rezip function in shell menu
– New bigger icons
– Abort icon
– Check if files size exceeds 255 char
– Optimization in renaming roms

Télécharger RomCenter v3.7.1 (21,6 Mo)

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