DxBx est un port Delphi de CxBx, un émulateur de X-Box.

Dxbx 0.0.9 is out now!
With this special xmas release of Dxbx we want to show anyone who
is still following our progress what has been changed in Dxbx.

Not everyone has the possibility to compile the Dxbx sources from sourceforge,
so for your convenience we provide a setup too.

A lot has happened since the 0.0.7 official and the none-official 0.0.8 release.
Unlike version 0.0.7, we now provide the necessary DLL files inside the setup.
So no more searching for the dll`s on the internet.

DLL`s that are included:
Cxbxkrnl.dll – this is the original Cxbx DLL
DxbxKrnl.dll – this is the dxbx delphi ported version of Cxbxkrn.dll

When using the Cxbx.DLL, Dxbx can run up until the movie in Turok
(the main game we’re trying to emulate first), but not any further, as
controls are not fully implemented yet.

When selecting loading an game’s default.xbe file, Dxbx converts it
to a windows-native executable; Make sure you save that file in the
same folder as where the game’s Xbe file was located.

(You could save the exe somewhere else, but this has not been tested.)
Also the DLL`s of Cxbx or Dxbx need to copied to the game folder.

Don’t forget : When using Cxbx.DLL, you’ll also need to make sure
that msvcrtd.dll and cklibver.dll are in your path!

About XDKTracker : A few visual improvements where made and
lots of xbox games are added to our collection.

Télécharger DXBX v0.5 (3,5 Mo)

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