Un émulateur de PC (286 ,386 ,486 ,586 et XT) et de Spectrum 48k.

Les changements:

– decided to continue development of public releases of this branch of SPC family of emulators, because SPC/Pro in development yet (so it release was delayed to mid-2009). In any case all these scripts/configs will be supported in SPC/Pro via « legacy » mode, so no work will be lost (and many 8-bit configs will not be ported to « native » SPC/Pro mode probably, because « legacy » mode is sufficient for them – no need multiprocessor capabilities etc);

– current release is mostly about maintaince and preparation to continue works from beginning of 2009 (i.e. contains bugfixes and improvements mostly, almost without new devices/configs);

– some changes in GUI « look and feel », targeted to big resolutions;

– scripts now using new script core (but native recompilation of them temporary not available, so them in some cases can be slower compared to previous version – but insigniffically, because new script core contains much faster interpretation engine, comparable in speed with recompilation engine of previous core);

– added emulation of 8-bit CPU m6502 (but no configs used it yet);

– added support of configuring memory banks via scripts (and support of Spectrum-128 ROM to show how it works);

– experimental emulation of IDE/ATA-controllers (EmuLib/Storage); – started implementation of usefull debugging features in engine and Debug Console (tracing, breakpoints on event/condition, statistic etc). This process in early stages of development currently, but is top priority for several ongoing releases.

– implemented R/W/E TLB support in x86-32 CPU family (paging faster);

– temporally disabled support of Virtual Mode Extensions (VME) in P5/86 CPU (was incomplete in WIP3, need some fixing).

– several fixes in CPU x86-32 dynarec and emulation correctness;

– first release of ordinary SPC, in which several bootable floppy Linux-es workable (at least TomsRtBt, Mandrake 7,8 and Mandriva 2007 boot floppies). Some other OS-es can not work in 386 Enchanced Mode because of incomplete port-level emulation of several devices in this release. But so-called Standard mode can be workable.

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