Un émulateur de PC (286 ,386 ,486 ,586 et XT) et de Spectrum 48k.

– some versions of famous OS of mid/late 90th should be workable in this release of emulator. Try to use new « TEST OS » configs for this purpose. Better to use « TEST H/W » config with binary BIOS, because « TEST S/W » with scripted BIOS painfully slow currently. Emulation of 32-bit OS-es pretty slow currently because of active usage of I/O ports by them. Because devices (and their ports) emulated in scripts, their active usage take more than 50% of emulation time. Soon I implement recompilation of scripts and this issue will mostly gone. And CPU emulation currently is « safe »-oriented, so no much speed yet, especially in VM86 mode.
– added UART/COM i8250 emulation (LibraryEmuLibChipcom_i8250);
– added MS Serial Mouse emulation (LibraryEmuLibInputms_mouse);
– added « ignore equal strings » option to console popup menu;
– BIOS and x86 CPUs start point placed on top of address space;
– several fixes and optimizations (Q1 marginally faster).

Télécharger Script PC 0.006 (1,2 Mo)

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