RomCenter est une très bonne alternative à ClrMAMEPro, plus accessible il est par la même occasion plus utilisé.

Bugs fixed:
– Creation wizard buttons replaced by standart buttons. This should fix the error under xp64
– Files merging sometimes returning errors
– Folder managment (display, fix …)
– Time was displayed 2 times after the ‘x roms removed’ log
– Downgrade to db v (this should fix some database creation crash)
– Statistics form now display correctly
– Show the datfile analysis during its loading (datutil cleansing log)
– Datafile node name not correct after a dat update

– Trap loading exceptions
– Replace db components by a multithreaded-ready component (uib)
– Created a multithreaded framework to allow multithread operations
– New ‘remove zip comments’ operation. This is the first to use the new multithreaded framework
– Add a ‘zip comment’ column in files view
– Add a ‘remove zip comments’ option in fix settings
– link to wiki in ‘help’ menu
– gds32.dll is no more needed (smaller zip)
– Improve loading datas from datafile (two times faster)

Télécharger RomCenter v3.7.1 (21,6 Mo)

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