On aura pas attendu très longtemps pour que la version corrigée de bsnes sorte.

This release adds full SA-1 support, with no known issues. All 26 games have been tested by myself and others, and a few have been beaten from start to finish. The latter include Super Mario RPG, Kirby’s Dreamland 3, Kirby Super Star and Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius.

Please understand that the SA-1 is essentially four times faster than the SNES’ main CPU, so system requirements will be very high for these games. For example, on an E8400 @ 3.0GHz, I average ~160fps in ordinary games. But for SA-1 emulation, this drops to ~90fps, with the worst case being ~80fps.

Au final les fonctions émulées sont les suivantes:

– 5a22 CPU core (bus-cycle accurate)
– Memory access timing
– SA-1 -> S-CPU interrupts (IRQ + CHDMA IRQ)
– S-CPU -> SA-1 interrupts (IRQ + Timer IRQ + DMA IRQ + NMI)
– SIV / SNV interrupt vector selection
– Timer unit (linear and H/V)
– Super MMC unit (ROM + BW-RAM)
– BS-X flash cart slot mapping
– Normal DMA
– Character-conversion 1 DMA (2bpp + 4bpp + 8bpp)
– Character-conversion 2 DMA (2bpp + 4bpp + 8bpp)
– BW-RAM virtual bitmap mode (2bpp + 4bpp)
– Arithmetic unit (multiplication + division + cumulative sum)
– Variable-length bit processing (fixed and auto increment)

Ce qui n’est pas encore émulé du au manque d’informations disponibles:

– SA-1 bus conflict delays
– Write protection (BW-RAM + I-RAM)
– SA-1 CPU priority for DMA transfers
– DMA access timing

*maj* version 45 disponible.

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