Quelques news sur cet émulateur de Dreamcast:

drk||Raziel a frequent member of the Dcemu chatroom has released a news update of his work on his Dreamcast Emulator for Windows and Soon PSP and Maybe Even Xbox and PS3,

Heres the full newspost:

After many many many many many months of inactivity i finaly started some real work on the dynarec.It now features a basic IL with a working decoder frontend and backends for x86/arm/mips-allegrex.Work is currently done to port the code to Wii/ps3/ps2 ( hah !)/xbox.Anyway i don’t feel like writing atm maby i’l edit this post later

*edit #1*

Note that the arm videos are much older than the psp, the arm rec misses MANY opcodes at that point.When ZeZu brings arm on par/i get the beagleboard he mailed speeds should be ~ 3x of what psp gets

*edit #2*

To give some PSP numbers, bios (menu) is up from ~ 1.5 fps to ~9, Doa2 ingame from ~0.8 to ~4.5 , PoP3d from ~ 1.2 to ~9.Only 4x more to get PoP fullspeed

Des vidéos sont disponibles sur le forum de Dcemu.

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