Un émulateur CPC écrit en Java dont voici les changements:

– Improved tape emulation, supports WAV, CDT and MP3!
– Tapedeck can be used as MP3/WAV music player
– Bugfix in Z80 emulation, makes Speedlock and similar protections work
– Bugfix in FDC emulation, makes games « Prehistorik II » and « Super cauldron » work – Chooseable CRTC type 0 / 1 and CRTC improvements – CRTC Register 1 fix
– Added GZip compression for WAV, DSK, SNA
– Added keyboard-recording function (Check edit-menu)
– Added STarKos 1.21 roms (Chooseable in JavaCPC´s romsetter)
– some several bugfixes
– Better resynchronisation for sound
– New « knobs » to change volume / digiblaster volume
– New feature: « Report a bug » which allows the user to send a bug-report directly to me, includes JAVA-console output (See: Help -> Report a bug)
– Improved version checking
– You can now assign DSK, SNA and other cpc-related files to Win32 executable Thanks to Kev Thacker for great help!

Télécharger JavaCPC v6.7 (2,6 Mo)

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