RomCenter est une très bonne alternative à ClrMAMEPro, plus accessible il est par la même occasion plus utilisé.

Bugs fixed:
– Fix size error on files > 3GB (datutil 2.46)
– Fix arcade plugin to identify new chd format
– Fix case settings sometimes not saved
– Fix incorrect text in comment column
– Fix lynx plugin (100% support for no-intro dats)
– Fix fds plugin (100% support for no-intro dats)
– Fix atari 7800 plugin
– Fix some device insertion detection problems
– Fix readonly detected on readwrite network share
– Fix network share falsely replaced by mapped drive
– Fix black toolbar under win2k (almost ok)
– Fix datafiles infos in ‘about’ dialog
– Fix display link infos in status bar in ‘about’ dialog
– Fix releases/regions/language various bugs
– Fix 4 console systems files missing in mame
– Fix some french strings

– Added multithreaded ‘rename roms’
– Added ability to set the number of threads
– Added 32 bits alpha blended icons
– Added big size alpha blended application icon (compatible vista / seven)
– Added ‘verified’ flag support with new icons
– Added ‘One set one game’ support (1G1R for console, also compatible with multiroms games)
– Added ‘format’ column to display real file format (returned by plugins)
– Added icon for non available devices
– Added ‘copy files’ shell tool
– Added ‘pcengine’ plugin (100% support for no-intro dats)
– Added ‘database statistics’ panel on database node
– Added more statistics (verified roms, files, disks, bios, samples)
– Added ‘check for romcenter updates’ feature.
– Set threads priority to medium
– Windows seven compatible

Télécharger RomCenter v3.7.1 (21,6 Mo)

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