Richard Gellman a reprit le développement de cet émulateur BBC et Master 128. Utiliser la version 1.05 si cette version est trop lente.

– Added AUN Econet support.
– Added ‘RAW comms’ option for use with the serial port IP options.
– Updated video emulation to remove screen stretching and fix cursor positioning.
– Added some more shortcut keys, for use on laptops primarily:
ALT 1 Quick save state
ALT 2 Quick load state
ALT 5 Capture screen to file
ALT + Increase emulation speed
ALT – Decrease emulation speed
– Added support for the Master 128 numeric keypad.
– Added option to enable/disable floppy drive controller.
– Added option to enable/disable the real time clock Y2K 20 year adjustment.
– Fixed bug in M128 BIT instruction (thanks to Michael Firth). Fixes some issues when using MOS3.5 (e.g. *CONFIGURE).
– Fixed issue with file lengths in disc import option.

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