Il s’agit d’un éditeur de table pour Flippers.

1) Edit Properties Pane status is now corrected. It has been broken since tech beta 5. It is persistent, meaning if it was visible last time vp was open, it will be visible next time you open vp. Edit/Options now works again.

2) VP8 Colored slingshots are now available. This is fully compatible with Randy’s vp8 implementation

3) PlungerName.Position is now available to the script. This will provide a raw value of the mechanical plunger for Pinball Wizard and Cabinet users. Divide the returned value by .04 to get a number from 0-25. You can then base an emreel, wall animation, or other graphical representation on that number to custom animate the plunger object. You could also use the mechanical pinball wizard plunger as an entirely separate type of tinerface, with accurate pull strength – ie pool cues, balloon/rubber band/spring tension, I’m sure you can come up with more.

4) Nudge has been reversed. A right nudge – moving the machine to the left, moves the ball to the right. A left nudge, moving the machine to the right, pushes the ball to the left.

5) Ball decals work again.

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