Créé par AamirM (également auteur de Nugen), cet émulateur de Megadrive/SMS/GG/SG1000/SC3000 intègre le filtre NTSC de Blarrg et utilise le système de plugins de Kega Fusion. Il a pour but d’être le plus précis possible.

– Fixed localization DLL not being loaded correctly sometimes and converted some ANSI parts to Unicode internally.
– Fixed Regen crashing when loading a Genesis game after SMS/GG.
– Fixed Regen crashing when SuperHQ is toggled during SMS/GG.
– Fixed Regen crashing when Save/Load State As was selected.
– Fixed Regen SSE2 optimized build crashing on Athlon64.
– Fixed UAC related crashes on Windows Vista/7.
– Fixed Sonic 3D Blast crashing in bonus stage.
– Fixed CRAM viewer in the VDP debugger. (source:
– Altered 68k and VDP timings a little bit. Fixes the Street Racer background (sky) gradient.
– Added configurable lowpass filtering. Its only avaialable in SuperHQ mode. It configures the internal filtering applied when in HQ mode. The other « Lowpass filter » is not affected by this. That applies filtering to the final sound output.
– Added the ability to choose on screen message font.
– Added smooth animation (aka interframe blending with motion blurring). Makes the output image a little realistic and closer to TV.
– Added « .md » extension to the ROM loading stuff.

Télécharger ReGen v0.972 (703,5 Ko)

Télécharger ReGen (SSE2) v0.972 (724,2 Ko)

Télécharger Regen (Debug) v0.972 (874,4 Ko)

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