Ce programme permet d’émuler un PC sous plusieurs OS. Il tourne sous Windows ou sous Linux. Il permet de faire tourner des machines virtuelles sous différents OS (Windows de tout type, Linux, FreeBSD OS/2 etc.), il est également open source et gratuit (pour les particuliers). Les solutions de virtualisation existante étant soit très cher pour le particulier soit incomplète au niveau du support des systèmes, VirtualBox propose une alternative à Vmware et VirtualPC et il s’en sort plus que bien.

– VMM: guest SMP stability fixes
– VMM: fixed guru meditation with nested paging and SMP guests (bug #5222)
– VMM: changed VT-x/AMD-V usage to detect other active hypervisors; necessary for e.g. Windows 7 XP compatibility mode (Windows & Mac OS X hosts only; bug #4239)
– VMM: guru meditation during SCO OpenServer installation and reboot (VT-x only; bug #5164)
– VMM: fixed accessed bit handling in certain cases (bug #5248)
– VMM: fixed VPID flushing (VT-x only)
– VMM: fixed broken nested paging for 64 bits guests on 32 bits hosts (AMD-V only; bug #5285)
– VMM: fixed loading of old saved states/snapshots (bug #3984)
– Mac OS X hosts: fixed memory leaks (bug #5084)
– Mac OS X hosts (Snow Leopard): fixed redraw problem in a dual screen setup (bug #4942)
– Windows hosts: installer updates for Windows 7
– Solaris hosts: out of memory handled incorrectly (bug #5241)
– Solaris hosts: the previous fix for #5077 broke the DVD host support on Solaris 10 (VBox 3.0.8 regression)
– Linux hosts: fixed module compilation against Linux 2.6.32rc4 and later
– Guest Additions: fixed possible guest OS kernel memory exhaustion
– Guest Additions: fixed stability issues with SMP guests
– Windows Additions: fixed color depth issue with low resolution hosts, netbooks, etc. (bug #4935)
– Windows Additions: fixed NO_MORE_FILES error when saving to shared folders (bug #4106)
– Windows Additions: fixed subdirectory creation on shared folders (bug #4299)
– Linux Additions: sendfile() returned -EOVERFLOW when executed on a shared folder (bug #2921)
– Linux Additions: fixed incorrect disk usage value (non-Windows hosts only)
– Linux installer: register the module sources at DKMS even if the package provides proper modules for the current running kernel
– 3D support: removed invalid OpenGL assertion (bug #5158)
– Network: fixed the Am79C973 PCNet emulation for QNX (and probably other) guests (bug #3206)
– VMDK: fix handling of split image variants
– VHD: do not delay updating the footer when expanding the image to prevent image inconsistency
– USB: stability fix for some USB 2.0 devices
– GUI: added a search index to the .chm help file
– GUI/Windows hosts: fixed CapsLock handling on French keyboards (bug #2025)
– Shared clipboard/X11 hosts: fixed a crash when clipboard initialisation failed (bug #4987)

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