Il s’agit de FBA avec des options pour faciliter l’enregistrement de vos parties de jeux.

-Updated core to FB Alpha v0.2.97.07.
-Added Lua scripting.
-Added RAM Search of FBA Shuffle (which unfortunately just crashes in most games).
-Added the old RAM Watch of PCSX-RR.
-Added many new hotkeys and better handling of them.
-Some minor fixes and changes here and there.

-Bugfix: couldn’t save/load current state during movie playback/recording.
-Bugfix: default filename for AVI files was a single letter; now it’s the loaded ROM name.

-Bugfix: custom input config was not loaded.

-I forgot to re-arrange menu items in v0.0.3, that’s been fixed now
-Added configurable hotkeys
-FBA-RR won’t unpause automatically anymore after the DIP switches config or a movie start

-Quick update to FB Alpha v0.2.97.06.
-Reverted some changes from v0.0.2, mainly menu and skin related.

-Added shortcut keys to some of the menus and dialogs
-Fixed various crashes in movie functions (hopefully)
-Record/replay dialogs are accessible without a rom loaded, and will load a rom as needed
-Input mapper recalls mapped inputs
-SRAM is no longer loaded on playback (and thus no longer causes desyncs)
-Read-only is enabled by default
-Frameskip is disabled by default
-Movie replay dialog selects « browse » when there are no movies; not a null entry
-Emulation speed is properly reset on rom load
-Temp fix to prevent crashes when changing emulation speed
-You may no longer attempt to save/load a savestate when no rom is open
-More minutiae than is reasonable to list

-« Start recording from power-on » option
-Read-only toggle
-New hotkeys mapping
-Frame counter shows total movie frames
-Screen redraws after loading a savestate, even if emulation is paused
-Screen updates after showing a message, even if emulation is paused
-Pause automatically at last frame of playback to prevent movie end
-Emulation isn’t automatically paused anymore *after* the movie ends
-New « replay stopped » message

-Ported blip’s patch to v0.2.96.94

Télécharger FBA Re-recording v0.0.7 (2,3 Mo)

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