Richard Gellman a reprit le développement de cet émulateur BBC et Master 128. Utiliser la version 1.05 si cette version est trop lente.

* Added ROM configuration editor.
* Updated sideways RAM support:
– Changed SW RAM write enable menu to show slots containing RAM and
disable the ROM slots.
– RAM slots enabled now saved in preferences.
– Added write through to the first RAM bank when writing to ROM address
range (&8000-&BFFF).
– Added SW RAM board emulation where the active RAM bank is selected by
the User VIA port B output.
* Added AtoD to saved state. Joystick should now work after restoring a
state file.
* Fixed joystick capture error when enabled for a second time.

Télécharger BeebEm v4.14 (3,2 Mo)

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