Conçu pour gérer les roms MAME, ClearMAMEPro supporte maintenant un nombre conséquent de set de roms via des fichiers Dats.

– added: basic support for HyperSpin dat files
– added: optional warning about archives (zip/rar) with comments (compressor settings)
– added: missing/available bytes display in profiler and html report
– added: rebuilder advance option to not create set folder when rebuilding to decompressed sets
– misc: changed renamewizard keep parent behaviour to « if the old set was a parent and is renamed to a non-parent in the new dat, you can use the option to allow this or not. »
– misc: show prompt after renamewizard modified a dat
– misc: changed windows rect calculation which may solves weird border issue
– misc: some minor code cleanup here and there
– fixed: show wrong setname in download popupmenu
– fixed: don’t mark profile as green when a sysdefpath not assigned message pops up
– fixed: separated biosfiles are wrongly counted as missing in fully missing sets

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