RomCenter est une très bonne alternative à ClrMAMEPro, en voici les nouveautés:

– Move to delphi 2010
– update to firebird 2.1.3
– Add new zip component
– Lower threads priority
– Add romcenter instance detection on startup
– Fully disable form during fix operations
– Multithreaded test files
– Multithreaded roms import
– Multithreaded test files
– Multithreaded rename file
– Add pause in operations threads
– Fix abort not always work
– Fix bad error message when a path is not available
– Fix ‘File not found’ with CHD folders
– Fix ‘arithmetic overflow’
– Fix ‘ambiguous field’ error when creating dummies
– Fix error when opening unavailable folder in explorer
– Fix incomplete file creation when roms are corrupted
– Fix a memory leak in multithread
– Fix renamed files listview not updated
– Fix various threads problems
– Fix test operations
– Fix cpu 100% load during pause
– Fix error with readonly files
– Fix unknown roms sometimes not removed
– Fix some problems with samples
– Fix Bad files color when missing roms and bad case roms
– Fix Invalid token in comments
– Fix problem when merging two files in some case

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