Il s’agit d’une version non officielle de FBA basée sur la version mais qui ajoute beaucoup de fonctionnalités « inutiles » (dixit l’auteur). Cette version ajoute beaucoup de possibilités comme par exemple l’enregistrement vidéo, le support des roms sous 7z, le support de XAudio2/OpenAL/OpenGL, l’autofire…en plus d’avoir une interface plus complète et détaillée, enfin ce build ajoute des drivers en supplément permettant le support de nouveaux jeux. Beaucoup l’apprécie pour ses fonctions à mi-chemin entre FBA et MamePlus!

* old savestate/replay files cannot be used from this version.
– compiled with vs2010 (updated directx sdk and win7 sdk).
– improved burn lib.
– some drivers changes. [BisonSAS]
– updated PGM driver, added kovplusb, kovsgqyz, kovsgqyza, kovlsqh, kovassg.
– added lasthpcd, ironclada, quizdaisk, quizkofk, rbffspeck to neogeo driver.
– added wofch3p to CPS1 driver.
– added scanline intensity adjustment.
– added scale5x to video mode.
– fixed kovplus.
– fixed snowbros.
– fixed buttons for some CPS2 phoenix games.
– fixed software rotation for mirrored vertical alignment.
– fixed savestates for some drivers.
– fixed a small bug in cheat file parse. (thanks to Ams for reporting bug)
– fixed avi recording for 16-bit only games with DirectDraw video mode.
– fixed screen clear when enter fullscreen in OpenGL mode with some video cards.
– fixed some memory leaks.
– simplified macros defined in game drivers.
– improved accuracy of export clrmamep data.
– removed some unnecessary items in game drivers.
– removed some useless CPS1, neogeo romsets.
– removed old Direct3D7 blitter.
– removed motion blur effect from Direct3D biltter.
– removed « force-16bit » option.
– removed 2xpm, hq2xbold and hq3xbold filters.
– removed unnecessary « modeless menu » option.
– removed input combo support. (hacky code)
– removed some rarely-used features.
– changed some default settings.
– improved game icon display.
– optimized speed for exporting translation gamelist from mamep.lst.
– modified preference dialog and game list dialog to be modeless.
– updated dinput and removed dependency on old dx libs.
– updated zlib library to 1.2.5. (
– updated libpng library to 1.4.5. (
– fixed some minor bugs.
– source code cleanup & optimization.
– updated romsets to match MAME 0.141.

Télécharger FBA Shuffle (x86/VS10) [kof2112] v2.4.0 (2016/01/08) (4,3 Mo)

Télécharger FBA Shuffle (x64/VS10) [kof2112] v2.4.0 (2016/01/08) (4,7 Mo)

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