Un très bon émulateur de TI-99/4A tournant sous Windows. Il fut connu sous le nom d’AMI99, mais renommer, beaucoup de personne pensait qu’il s’agissait d’un émulateur Commodore Amiga.

– Change free sectors on FIAD disks to make sector based programs willing to try to write
– open DSK images as binary to prevent read translation errors
– Add read/write breakpoints for VDP and GROM addresses
– Save file open information into the right buffer
– Check a file is open before reading or writing it (or restore or scratch)
– Fix bitmap mode masking
– Rework X instruction – more efficent and works correctly with jumps now
– Fixed case where X instruction may be skipped, depending on race
– Fixed case where cycles may be lost due to race condition
– Moved debug GUI buttons into drop-down menu
– Made fast-forward from debug GUI reset timers correctly
– Closing debug dialog should now clear all debug modes and restore normal operation
– Changed disk Open() methods to return the new FileInfo object used, fixes certain cases of lost state
– Added CHARA1 as a resource for the save RAM dialog
– added cycle counting to run result report
– Fixed LOAD opcode in FIAD disk not to load more than program says is valid (used to read whole of last sector or more if file was invalid)
– Made debugger memory change require a prefix for CPU and display a warning otherwise
– Implemented code to create Cartridge Images (GROM and 379) and E/A#5 program files from the Debug panel from loaded memory
– Cartridge image code supports injecting lower-case characters and Editor/Assembler utilities, as well as patching C99 programs
– Fixed uninitialized memory tracking for 32k expansion RAM
– Added 3.BIN extension for autoloading 379 style carts
– Clear all cartridge checks when using User->Open
– Fixed the Disk Class to run the DSR powerup only once
– Allow ‘0’ for CALL FILES() (emulates CS1 mode)
– Make CALL FILES actually use up VDP RAM to closer resemble real disk system. You can override with CALL FILES(0)
– Added disk configuration dialog
– Added menu option to open a disk folder in Explorer (or disk image if you have something like TI99Dir configured)
– Added ability to make GROM writable (GRAM?) – not really tested as I have no software to test with
– Adde Help->Open Manual to open the PDF file
– Disable SID Blaster by default
– Don’t check for a 6-byte header on 379 type files
– Fix reset race by disabling interrupts on reset (fixes 99/4 startup?)
– More accurate CPU instruction counting
– OPEN opcode shows the requested filetype in debug
– Included Line-by-Line assembler and Lines demo for Mini-Memory on DSK1

Télécharger Classic99 v3.99a (9,0 Mo)

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