ASAP (Another Slight Atari Player) est un émulateur sonore d’Atari 8 Bits (*.sap, *.cmc, *.mpt, *.rmt, *.tmc, …).

New ports
– Created a desktop player for the Adobe AIR platform.
– Ported the Windows Media Player plugin to Windows CE.
– Created a setup package with the Windows Explorer plugin for 64-bit Windows.
– The Audacious plugin supports Audacious 2.5.
– Created RPM packages with asapconv, ASAP C library and the XMMS plugin.
– Created ASAP2WAV and a simple player in the D programming language.
– JavaScript ASAP2WAV now runs in DMDScript and JScript.NET.

Emulation accuracy
– Corrected ANTIC and POKEY timings.
– Implemented STIMER, NMIST and NMIRES hardware registers.
– Made the CONSOL register readable.
– Fixed and optimized undocumented 6502 instructions.

Usability improvements
– Conversion to Atari executables (XEX format, also known as COM).
– RMT files can be extracted from SAP files created in Raster Music Tracker.
– Implemented subsongs, seek bar and pause in the Android port.
– Added a date picker in the WASAP/Winamp/Apollo/XMPlay file information window.
– The FASTPLAY tag can be up to 32767 (previously 312).
– Browser JavaScript player works on file:/// URLs.
– asapscan uses a much faster length detection algorithm.

Bug fixes
– Many important fixes in the Audacious plugin.
– Many fixes in the Android port.

– Rewritten ASAP core to the Ć programming language.
– Removed defaultPlaybackTime and loopPlaybackTime parameters from applet, Flash Player and Silverlight interfaces.

Télécharger ASAP (x86) v3.2.0 (928,7 Ko)

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