Jagulator est un émulateur Jaguar Open Source. Développé par le célèbre SubQMod (plus connu sous le pseudo de Reality_Man co-auteur de UltraHLE). L’émulateur lance des démos et jeux commerciaux (une grosse partie est à présent jouables).

De retour après 7 années d’absence, les changements sont nombreux et permettent de lancer pas mal de jeux (attention n’interface est en ligne de commande). Voici les changements:

– now setting the correct video screen sizes and not clipping the right hand size of the screen.
– Long filenames are not supported so you will need to ensure any rom images you attempt to load do not have ‘spaces’ in the name.
– Jagulator has a command window style interface (what no fancy GUI!!!)
– Typing help will show you the available commands.
– To load a rom from the command line, type; rom ; For example; rom tempest
– To start the rom executing after it is loaded, press F5.
– Homebrew roms are supported but must be absolute binary files. File types with headers are not currently supported. To load these you will need to know the hexadecimal load address. Those of you who have used tools such as the Skunkboard will be familiar with this. For example, say we have a binary file of BadCoders 4m(Metal) demo with a filename of ‘badcode4m’ and we know the load address is $4000, we would type; rla 4000 badcode4m.
– Again, to start a homebrew binary, press F5.
– I have included a compatibility list of the roms/homebrews I have tested against here in the zip distribution and on the Status Page of this site. If you would like software tested against Jagulator then please send me your binary.
– Video windows are currently a set size and I know they are not all accurate but work for now.
– The debugger is not present in this build.
– There is no audio or CD emulation in this build.
– Oh, before I forget, there are not commercial or homebrew rom images supplied with this distribution. Those you will have to obtain for yourself.
– Controller 1 is supported only in this release and it is currently a non-configurable set of keys, as follows;
A, B, C Buttons – ‘A’, ‘S’ and ‘X’
Option Button – ‘O’
Pause Button – ‘P’
Joypad Numeric Buttons – ‘0’ thru ‘9’ on the numeric key pad
# and * Buttons – ‘/’ and ‘*’ on the numeric key pad

Télécharger Jagulator v2.0.2 (434,2 Ko)

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