Un manager de roms qui a l’ambition de devenir aussi bon (sinon meilleur) que l’indétrônable duo clrmame/Romcenter. Romulus est capable d’importer les dats de RomCenter et clrmame (ancien format et format xml), les fichiers offlinelist et Mess et gère les roms non compressé ou compressé en zip, rar ou 7z. Il peut également importer un dat à partir de l’exécutable de Mame, générer des rapports ou des statistiques…

– ADDED full headers support. In Scan/Rebuild window you will see a selectable list with XML file headers available inside headers folder. If scanned files checksum matchs, header rules will be not applyed. But if not, the file is rebuilded and header rules will be applyed. TODO LIST DONE
– ADDED multivolume compressed files detection. If a file is multivolume can not delete files inside them. Romulus detects and adverts this.
– ADDED new Romulus versions check at start. Option can be dissabled from settings window.
– ADDED Nongood and Unrenamed in dat groups for updater option.
– ADDED Offlinelist to dat groups for updater option. But in this case will show updates for already existing Offlinelist dats inside the current database.
– ADDED Administrator check to change UAC option and enable or dissable Drag n Drop possibility. (Only Windows Vista Users).
– ADDED full XML parser to convert special chars to « – » char. This affects to importation module.
– ADDED XML parser is applyed to DAT headers too. This affects to importation module.
– ADDED more inconsistences checks at importation module, like «  » or «   » or « « . Corrected with a «  » char.
– ADDED Donation option at settings window. Well im not in best economic times, « im spanish » … thanks.
– CHANGED If file inside compressed file must be deleted and compressed file has only 1 file inside, Romulus deletes all compressed file without making a empty compressed file as result. This increases a bit the speed too.
– CHANGED Empty compressed files now are scanned as single rom. Is a remote possibility, but it can happen.
– CHANGED Not valid chars as « * », »<","> » etc. Are changed to « – » and not for « _ » to make filenames like Clrmamepro.
– FIXED crash when read multivolume 7z files, and one or more volume is lost.
– FIXED Torrent7z log is moved to temporal windows directory and not inside roms path.
– FIXED unnecessary double scan after rebuild files.
– FIXED Negative file sizes display for files with more than 2 Gig. If you see the problem is continuing, reimport same dat to fix it.
– FIXED Extracting from RAR, files that starts with « @ » or « -« .
– FIXED deleting files from RAR ZIP and 7Z, files that starts with « @ » or « -« .
– FIXED Treeview profile sorting when created folders starts with special chars.
– FIXED importation set names, files with chars «  » or « / », are changed to « -« . Reimport same dat to fix it, if you have this problem.
– FIXED correct information message at Dat updater window, when connection fails.
– FIXED Generation of XML dat files from Generator option, XML special chars like « commas » are converted to XML format.
– FIXED Treeview profile sorting when created folders starts with special chars.
– FIXED When rebuild a file and this file must be possitioned and the destination file already exists but this file dont match and the origin and destination compression type is different, now works fine.
– FIXED compressed files count after done delete process. This only affects to overall speed.
– REMOVED SFX support for compressed files, because people dont use this, is very conflictive convining this with multivolume archives and file size of them is more.
– UPDATED RAR and RAR 64Bits to 4.01 version.
UPDATED CHDMAN.EXE to 0.143 version.

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