Nouvelle version de MESS, l’émulateur multi consoles/ordinateurs:

New System Drivers Supported:
- Macintosh IIvx/IIvi [R. Belmont]

Systems Promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING:

Skeleton drivers:
- Zenith Z-100 [Minataku, Miodrag Milanovic]
- Sharp PC-7000 [Minataku, Miodrag Milanovic]
- Vegas 6809. [Frédéric Le Duigou]
- Tandberg TDV 2324. [Tuxie, JonasP, ElBarto]
- SLC1 [Robbbert]
- Apricot Qi 300 (Rev D,E & F Motherboard) [Kaylee]
- Apricot Qi 600 (Neptune Motherboard) [Kaylee]
- Apricot Qi 900 (Scorpion Motherboard) [Kaylee]
- Apricot XEN-S (Venus I Motherboard 286) [Kaylee]
- Apricot XEN-S (Venus I Motherboard 386) [Kaylee]
- Apricot FTs (Scorpion) [Kaylee]
- Apricot LANstation (Krypton Motherboard) [Kaylee]
- Apricot LANstation (Novell Remote Boot) [Kaylee]
- Apricot VX FT server [Kaylee]
- Apricot XEN-LS (Venus IV Motherboard) [Kaylee]
- Apricot XEN-S (Venus II Motherboard 286) [Kaylee]
- Apricot XEN-S (Venus II Motherboard 386) [Kaylee]
- Apricot LS Pro (Caracal Motherboard) [Kaylee]
- Apricot LS Pro (Bonsai Motherboard) [Kaylee]
- Apricot XEN-LS II (Samurai Motherboard) [Kaylee]
- Apricot XEN-i 386 (Leopard Motherboard) [Kaylee]
- Apricot XEN PC (A1 Motherboard) [Kaylee]
- Apricot XEN PC (P2 Motherboard) [Kaylee]

System Driver Changes:
- saturn: Implemented IRQ pending and SCU IRQ enable register mechanism,
allowing Choice Cuts to boot up to the title screen [Angelo Salese]

- saturn: Added cycle remainder for FRC in SH-2, fixes a tight loop in Astal [Angelo Salese]

- mac: LC2, LC3 now start up [R. Belmont]

- mac: LC now starts up, original Mac II switched to HMMU, preliminary IIfx support [R. Belmont]

- mac: Upgraded maciihmu to working, lots of preliminary-ish PowerMac 6100 work.
Boot chime + blank screen is all you get so far. [R. Belmont]

- mac: rewrote RBV-and-descendants interrupt handling in fake VIA2; solves occasional
interrupt storms. Implemented another PMU command so PowerBook 140/170 can boot 7.5.5. [R. Belmont]

- mac: preliminary NuBus interface, not being used yet [R. Belmont]

- mac: iici and iisi can handle 128MB of RAM, added as an option. [R. Belmont]

- lisa: add Twiggy I/O board ROM [Bushing]

- amstrad: added ROM box expansion device. [Barry Rodewald]

- pc1512: Rewrote most of the Amstrad PC1512 driver, except for the VDU which still
crashes most software. Keyboard is now working and runs the MCU.
Added a floppy software list. [Curt Coder]

- v6809: Added preliminary video, colour, keyboard. Added notes [Robbbert]

Software Lists:
- lisa.xml : update for Lisa softlist [Kaylee]
- nes.xml: added a new proto [Kaylee]
- vic1001_cart.xml: completed the list with games P-W [K1W1]

Source Changes:
- Fixed for rom auditing in core and winui [smf, Robbbert]

Télécharger MAME(MESS) [x64] v0.196 (26,7 Mo)

Télécharger MAME(MESS) [x86] v0.196 (26,9 Mo)

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