Un émulateur CPC écrit en Java dédié à Windows uniquement.

Les nouveautés depuis JavaCPC v6.7:

JavaCPC Desktop is a completely rewritten emulator, which offers you a big spectrum of apps and tools.
It comes with it’s own desktop!

The tools and apps:
– Integrated Z80 Assembler: Feel free to create your own programs in Z80 Assembler. Compile them directly into the CPC’s ram.
– Improved Debugger
– Virtual Keyboard: You cannot find your key you need? Use the virtual Keyboard then.
– Alarm Clock: A simple alarm clock, which reminds you when you have something else to do.
– YM-Control: Record and playback your own YM files.
– Manage DSK (Windows only!): Copy files from your PC on a DSK or vice versa.
– Audio Capture: Record your favourite CPC sound as WAV file.
– TapeDrive: A fully controllable virtual tape drive. Supports CSW, CDT, WAV and MP3
– JavaCPC Paint: Paint your own screens in normal mode or also as Overscan pictures. Convert existing images to CPC format.
(Supported import-Formats: PCX, TGA, BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, SNA)
– Mandelbrot: A simple app to paint Mandelbrot fractals directly on the CPC screen.
– Tiled Mapeditor: You can use it to create game maps etc…
– Poke Finder: A simple tool to find PEEKS and POKES to cheat in games.
– Calculator: A scientific calculator which understands string input with brackets etc…
– WebBrowser: A webbrowser
– GameBrowser: Don’t waste your time by downloading hundreds of CPC games without checking them! Just load them directly into the emulator and play them.
– Virtual Floppy: A little thingie to see what your virtual disc drive does.
– SubPopRadio: Listen to the best CPC-tunes available in WWW!
– JavaCPC Chat: Chat with other JavaCPC users all over the world. (Experimental)
– Favourites: Add and load your favourite DSK, CDT or SNA files with a few mouseclicks only!
– DSK2CDT: Simple filetransfer to copy files from an existing DSK file on a new CDT file (Windows only!)
– And much more!!!

Télécharger JavaCPC Desktop v2.9.6b (26,1 Mo)

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