Un émulateur 3DO basé sur FreeDo et écrit en C#.

– Joysticks/Controllers that you set up should be saving with a unique joystick GUID (supplied by DirectInput). This avoids cumbersome problems in a more simplistic system using something like device number. You should be able to set up two controllers of the exact same brand and 4DO will recognize them as unique. This held true for any joysticks I have, but I would like to know if someone experiences an issue.
– If a joystick gets unplugged while you’re playing, 4DO won’t freak out. It will not continually press whatever you last had pressed, and you can plug the joystick back in to resume playing.
– You can bind the same joystick button to several 3DO buttons and vice versa. I’ve never liked the “key is in use” I’ve seen elsewhere.
– Support for any joystick axis, including accelerometers. I do not have a joystick with any accelerometer features, so I’d appreciate feedback from anybody who does (I worry that the noise data involved in merely holding a joystick with them will cause them to be noticed and bound unconditionally). I have also ensured that point-of-view controls (PoV) can be bound.
You do not have to choose a specific device (keyboard or joystick) when setting up a 3DO controller. You can bind both keyboard keys and joystick controls to the same 3DO controller. This avoids having to go back to the setup screen if you don’t have the controller handy.
– Documentation tells me that SlimDX supports XBox 360 controllers, and so 4DO should too. However, I don’t have one to try.

Télécharger 4DO v1.3.2.4 (1,5 Mo)

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