Un frontend hyper complet pour mame (ou autres), très configurable et souvent mis à jour.

– On a fresh install, large icons (32×32) are displayed instead of standard size (24×24)
– Red alert! Red alert! CRC32 checksum for several Demul games have leading spaces (-listxml output), causing EL to set these games as « found with missing roms ». Funny, after many months, only ONE user reported this bug!!! I don’t use Demul so, I never got this problem

– Support for MAME v0.143u6
– Support for Supermodel v0.2a (older builds are no longer supported!)
– emulator settings and custom game settings are saved on EL’s own .ini files (folder « emulator_inisupermodel_ini »)
– settings from « emulator_folderConfigSupermodel.ini » file are never read or used by the frontend
– a working MAME 0.143u6 games list is required to create a Supermodel games list (older versions are not supported)

Télécharger Emuloader v8.5.3 (9,7 Mo)

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