MESS, sur le même principe que MAME, veut devenir L’EMULATEUR multi consoles/ordinateurs de référence.

New System Drivers Supported:
– Sanyo MBC-200 [Matt Dawson,Angelo Salese,Miodrag Milanovic]

Systems Promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING:
– Juicebox [Tim Schuerewegen]
– Avigo [Sandro Ronco]

Skeleton drivers:
– BK-8T Terminal [DATAsoft]

System Driver Changes:
– ti99: Fixed GROM address counter handling and GRAMKracker’s
wrong RAM pointer [Michael Zapf]
– ti99: Fixed GRAMKracker’s write protection [Michael Zapf]
– pc1512: Added a dump of the WD1015 MCU. [John Elliott]
– mac: Further improvements to Quadra 700; System 7.5.0 (and probably 7.1)
will boot, but system remains NOT_WORKING due to many known flaws.
Fixed slot interrupts on IIci so 4-head operation is possible. [R. Belmont]
– iq151: Added slot interface and moved video32/video64/disc2
emulation into slots. [Sandro Ronco]
– iq151: Added emulation of Grafik module. [Sandro Ronco]
– amiga: a number of games seem to get confused when there’s two drives
(they wait for a index pulse on the second) [O. Galibert]
– mac: Fixed name of Asante MC3NB card, added Apple NuBus Ethernet Card
which the Asante is a perfect clone of, fixed 24-bit mirroring so
ethernet cards work in all slots [R. Belmont]
– amstrad: Added support for ROMbox, SSA-1 speech synth and DK’Tronics speech
synth to be used in a daisy-chain of expansion devices. [Barry Rodewald]
– samcoupe: Hook up the new wd1772, format support incomplete though [O. Galibert]
– abc1600: Added portrait/landscape layouts. [Curt Coder]
– abc800: Refactored the ABC bus to single-slot (as it really is). [Curt Coder]
– aes: cleanup of code, and made aes use neogeo softlist from MAME [David Haywood]
– mac: fix SCC so AppleTalk check fails gracefully instead of locking up;
removed ROM patch on II/IIx/IIcx since it’s no longer necessary [R. Belmont]

Software Lists:
– snes.xml: new dump added, NHL ’97 Revision A [badinsults]
– snes.xml: redumped and profiled arround 100 cartridges [MESSfan]
– lynx.xml: stripped headers of dumps, removed bad dumps, added auto-rotate code [Huygens]
– astrocde.xml: fix errors and add several new or previously missing dumps [ranger_lennier]

Source Changes:
– amigafdc: Upgrade and fixes [O. Galibert]
– wd1772: Adapt the pll to a 8MHz frequency [O. Galibert]
– ipf: Describe the remaining fields [O. Galibert, SPS]
– floppy,wd1772: First stab at write support, in-memory only for now [O. Galibert]
– ipf: weak bits are usually badly-written/not written zones [O. Galibert]
– floppy: Slot-ize the floppies so that you can choose
how many are connected [O. Galibert, R. Belmont]
– ami_dsk: ADF write support [O. Galibert]
– refactored the Commodore IEC bus to use slots. You can now connect up
to 4 IEC floppy drives of your choice (1540/1541/1571/1581) to
a VIC-20, C64, C128, C16, Plus-4, or C65. [Curt Coder]
– refactored the IEEE-488 bus to use slots. You can now connect up
to 4 IEEE-488 floppy drives of your choice (C2040/C3040/C4040/
C8050/C8250/SFD1001) to a Commodore PET or CBMB. [Curt Coder]

Télécharger MAME(MESS) [x86] v0.195 (17,7 Mo)

Télécharger MAME(MESS) [x64] v0.195 (17,4 Mo)

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