Bochs est un émulateur PC tournant sous Windows, son développement s’effectue en Open Source. Il supporte de nombreux périphérique tel que le CD-Rom ou Carte Son (SoundBlaster) et même une carte réseau est émulé (NE2000). De nombreuses applications ont été testé sous cet émulateur tel que : Access, Excel & Word 97 (…)

! Added Athlon64 (Venice) configuration to the CPUDB
– BMI: fixed EFLAGS after BMI instructions
– MSR: access to AMD extended MSR space was impossible due to a bug in RDMSR/WRMSR
– VMX: fixed VMFUNC instruction behavior to align with Intel SDM revision 041
– VMX: fixed Bochs PANIC when doing I/O access crossing VMX I/O permission bitmaps
– VMX: fixed VirtualBox VMX guest Guru Meditation – FS.BASE got corrupted after
saving/restoring unusable FS selector
– VMX: fixed VirtualBox failures with VMX+EPT enabled
– Better report of supported CPUID features when not using pre-defined CPUID profile

– Debugger / Instrumentation
– fixed typo – closing SF bug [3461405] step all command fails in SMP mode
– instrumentation: added special indication for indirect call/jump

– Configure and compile
– fixed compilation err in instrumentation call (
– fixed compilation err with x86 hw breakpoint enabled and CPU_LEVEL < 6
– fixed compilation issue under win32 –with-nogui
– added missing dependencies for cdrom_osx.o
– removed very old deprecated configure options from configure script

– I/O Devices
– fixed possible failures of PCI DMA transfers
– VVFAT: several fixes in the optional write support (passes test with XP)
– USB UHCI: some fixes to make it work in XP guest
– removed devices ‘acpi’, ‘ioapic’ and ‘pci_ide’ from optional plugin control
to avoid trouble

– Config interface / GUI and display libraries
– added VMX .bochsrc option to control VMX support on runtime
– fix for x86-64 .bochsrc option parsing (patch from @SF)
– fix for @SF bug: Crash on WIN2K – ID: 3454214
– added ‘nokeyrepeat’ option for the SDL and win32 gui

Télécharger Bochs (32 bits) v2.6.9 (5,1 Mo)

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